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Pulse diagnosis - Tongue diagnosis - Palpation - Your Constitution

1 hour | 120 EUR (first visit)

                                                1 hour | 90 EUR (following visits)




The focus is on finding and removing the root cause of the ailment.

Supporting the body's own healing process, rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs and supplements.

Giving you a customized treatment plan through lifestyle and dietary advice, herbal remedies & therapies.

After the consult you can continue to receive support online.

You can contact us with questions at any time. Ayurveda is there to help!


0032 473 11 76 05

1 hour | 120 EUR (first visit)

1 hour | 90 EUR (following visits)




Our wellness programs are designed for educational and coaching purposes and not intended

to be constructed as a substitute for a medical examination, diagnoses or treatment. Always check with your

healthcare provider making changes to your diet and routine, making sure that they suit your

personal health and will not interfere with medications you may be taking.

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Photocredits: Charlotte Lauwers

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