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Have you ever longed for a straightforward map illuminating the elusive path to vibrant health,

meaningful purpose and an enduring sense of peace, contentment and joy ?

Look no further.  The Answer is AYURVEDA.


Mission: Relax! Revive! Rejuvenate!

Ayurveda (Ayur: life and Veda: knowledge) is a holistic, ancient and natural system of medicine, healing the root-cause of illness and purifying body, mind, & soul.


Ayurveda is a remarkably individualized system of medicine. The tradition is rooted in the idea that each of us is born with a completely personal blueprint for optimum health.


From birth onward, it is this reference point—your constitution—that, in many ways, defines who you are. Not two constitutions are exactly alike. Therefore, no two human beings can have precisely the same expression of ideal health. In Ayurveda, everything is medicine and everything is poison; what might be beneficial to you could harm someone else, and vice versa. It all depends on the context of who you are and what patterns currently are at play in your particular system.

Ayurveda is fundamentally opposed to one-size-fits-all remedies. While there are practices that are considered to be beneficial for almost everyone, Ayurveda places the focus firmly on YOU, the individual concerned.




Our wellness programs are designed for educational and coaching purposes and not intended

to be constructed as a substitute for a medical examination, diagnoses or treatment. Always check with your

healthcare provider making changes to your diet and routine, making sure that they suit your

personal health and will not interfere with medications you may be taking.

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Photocredits: Charlotte Lauwers

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